In 2020, because of COVID-19, there are unfortunately only 11 Red Bull Elektropedia Awards categories: Artist of the Year, Best Album, Best EP, Best Song, Best Remix, Best Producer, Fresh on the Scene, Most Promising Artist, Best Label, Best Video, and Marc Meulemans Award.

The following categories have been put on a one-year hiatus: Best Live Act, Best Electronic Music Event, Best Electronic Music Event (Middleweight), Best Electronic Music Event (Heavyweight), Breakthrough Club/Festival/Party, Best Music Photographer, Belgian Club Top 30, Belgian DJ Top 100, and Lifetime Achievement Award. Two categories have been dropped: Chase Award and Best Media.

Some side notes:

  • The 2020 Red Bull Elektropedia Awards cover everything that was released between October 1, 2019 and October 16, 2020.
  • Nominations were decided upon by a professional music jury (Artist of the Year, Best Album, Best EP, Best Song, Best Remix, Best Producer, Best Label, Fresh on the Scene), a professional video jury (Best Video), and a professional design jury (Marc Meulemans Award). Winners are decided upon by both the public and the respective juries.
  • Red Bull Elektropedia decides on the Most Promising Artists and – under normal circumstances – Lifetime Achievement Awards (presented to individuals in recognition of their significant contribution to the Belgian electronic music and/or nightlife scene).

All past Red Bull Elektropedia Lifetime Achievement Awards winners (in alphabetic order): Rudy Victor Ackaert (Teknoville, 10 Days Off, Culture Club), Daniel B. (Front 242), Mo Becha (The Glimmers), Dirk Bergen (Front 242), CJ Bolland, Marnik Braeckevelt (Bonzai), André Brasseur, Patrick Breugelmans (Pukkelpop), Leo Bruynoghe (Kozzmozz), Jean-Marie Cannie (Fruity Loops), Patrick Codenys (Front 242), Thierry Coppens (Fuse, La Demence), Dirk Da Davo (The Neon Judgement), Philip De Liser (10 Days Off, Petrol), Jean-Luc De Meyer (Front 242), Carl de Moncharline (Who’s Who’s Land, The Wood), Geert Deblaere (N.E.W.S), Peter Decuypere (Fifty-Five, Fuse, I Love Techno), Yves Deruyter, David Dewaele (Soulwax, 2ManyDJs), Stephen Dewaele (Soulwax, 2ManyDJs), Bernard Dobbeleer (Radio 21), Damien Dufrasne (Dour), Maurice Engelen (Antler-Subway, Lords of Acid, Praga Khan), Fly (Bonzai), David Fouquaert (The Glimmers), TB Frank (The Neon Judgement), Kenny Gates (PIAS), Herman Gillis (Sherman Filterbank), Richard Jonckheere (Front 242), Mathias Kerckhof (Kozzmozz), Dan Lacksman (Telex), Michel Lambot (Pias), Sabine Maes (R&S), Chokri Mahassine (Pukkelpop), Marc Meulemans, Michel Moers (Telex), Marc Moulin (Telex), José Pascual (USA Import), Marie Peremans (Pukkelpop), Eric Rozen (Out Soon), Christiane Sluyter (Pukkelpop), Yves Smolders (Versuz), Eric Smout (10 Days Off), Hessel Tieter (N.E.W.S), Luc Van Acker (Arbeid Adelt!), Frank Van Biesen (FruityLoops), Jan Van Biesen (Studio Brussel), Lieven Van den Broeck (N.E.W.S), Stefaan Vandenberghe (T-Quest, Dr. Lektroluv, N.E.W.S.), Renaat Vandepapeliere (R&S), Frederic Vanmol (Fruity Loops), Jan Vanneste (N.E.W.S), Jan Vanroelen (Arbeid Adelt!), Marcel Vanthilt (Arbeid Adelt!), Frie Verhelst (USA Import)

A category rundown:

  • BEST SONG: A song is eligible in this category if it is an itty-bitty electronic and at least one of the composers is Belgian.
  • BEST REMIX: It’s about the remix, stupid – not about the original song. So, when a song is written by a French artist but the remix is produced by a Belgian artist, the remix is eligible. A song by a Belgian artist remixed by a French artist is not eligible.
  • BEST ALBUM: Any Belgian release that contains a minimum of seven songs and which running length is longer than 25 minutes is eligible for this category, regardless of whether it’s officially called an album, EP, mixtape or compilation.
  • BEST EP: Any Belgian release that contains three to six songs or which running length is shorter than 26 minutes is eligible for this category.
  • ARTIST OF THE YEAR: Any Belgian musician, producer or band that has made at least one song, remix, EP or album, or has performed live at least once, is eligible for this category.
  • BEST PRODUCER: Any Belgian producer who has produced at least one song or remix is eligible for this category.
  • FRESH ON THE SCENE: Any Belgian artist, producer, DJ or MC who has emerged and made a name for himself over the course of the past twelve months (and has not been nominated in any category in the past) is eligible for this category.
  • MOST PROMISING ARTIST: Every year, Red Bull Elektropedia selects three upcoming artists who, we believe, show a lot of promise.
  • BEST LABEL: For a label to be eligible, it must be owned by a Belgian party and must have released at least one track by a Belgian producer or artist over the course of the past twelve months.
  • BEST VIDEO: Any video produced for a Belgian artist, DJ, club, party or festival is eligible for this category.
  • MARC MEULEMANS AWARD: This category awards the best in nightlife and/or electronic music design. The award is named after the legendary Belgian graphic designer Marc Meulemans.

The nomination process

  1. Every year, Red Bull Elektropedia handpicks several juries of industry professionals. One for the music categories (Artist of the Year, Best Album, Best EP, Best Song, Best Remix, Best Producer, Best Label, Fresh on the Scene), one for Best Video, and one for the Marc Meulemans Award.
  2. Throughout the year, jury members are asked to rate all eligible songs, remixes, EPs, albums, etc. on a scale of 1 to 100. This results in a top twenty per category. The first five to eight songs, remixes, EPs, albums, etc. are automatically nominated.
  3. On October 31, 2020, fifteen members of the music jury came together to debate on the remaining nominations in each category, and to decide on the Artist of the Year, Best Producer, Best Label and Fresh on the Scene nominations.
  4. From November 2 until November 10, 2020, everyone is able to vote for his two favourites in as many categories as he prefers. (We feel that asking people to pick two favourites makes for a more balanced result.) The public vote will account for 50% of the final result. Votes from the respective juries will account for the other 50%.
  5. On Wednesday November 25, 2020, the winners in each category are announced during an online TV show.

This year's juries

Music Jury

Selene Alexa, Rokia Bamba, Jim Becker, Nicolas Bucci, Jade Corbey, Stijn D’hont, Pieter D’Hooghe, Daniel de Keizer, Nick De Leu, Astrid De Sterck, Sébastien Desprez, Fatima Elajmi, Khalid Errami, Noonah Eze, Marie Frankinet, Sarah Phenom, Michelle Geerardyn, Arne Geysen, Zoey Hasselbank, Mountassir Khamal, Elmo Lê van, Marie-Gabrielle Lefebvre, Jonas Lion, Mathilde Luijten, Thomas Konings, Célia Lutangu, Yves Massignani, Kim Mathijs, Yaell Monas, Maria Muehombo, Anne-Sarah N’Kuna, Camilla Peeters, Herlinde Raeman, Jolien Roets, Toon Timmerman, Jana Tricot, Ben Van Alboom, Sasha Van der Speeten, Laetitia Van Hove, Martha Vandermeulen, Wouter Vanhaelemeesch, Gilke Vanuytsel, Helena Verheye, Sebastiaan Weytjens, Jozefien Wouters, Iris Wyckmans

Video Jury

Bénédict Deprez, Sanne Jehoul, Elie Maissin, Diëgo Nurse, Niels Putnam, Bo Sels, Bahati Simoens, Mathias Sourbron, Brecht Van Elslande, Flo Windey

Marc Meulemans Jury

Rémi Calmont, Pamela Evbuomwan, Gus & Stella, Martin Maras, Ronny & Johny, Sammy Slabbinck, Annelien Smet, Caroline Vermeir