Red Bull Elektropedia Awards 2017

2017 Red Bull Elektropedia Awards

Voting has now ended, winners will be announced on November 15 at Flagey, Brussels. Follow everything live on our Facebook page on November 15.


In 2015, there were twenty Red Bull Elektropedia Awards categories: Artist of the Year, Best Producer, Best Live Act, Best MC, Best Song, Best Remix, Best Album, Best Festival, Best Party, Best (Really Big) Party, Best Label, Best Video, Best Party Photographer, Best Radio, Best Media, Breakthrough (DJ/Artist) & Breakthrough (Club/Festival/Party), Most Promising Artist, Belgian Club Top 30 and Belgian DJ Top 100.

There are no changes in the number of categories this year.

In addition, the Marc Meulemans Award will once again honor the designer(s) of the year’s best artwork. The award is named after the legendary Belgian graphic designer Marc Meulemans.

The Chase Award will once again honor the year’s best hip hop, soul and/or RnB act. Nominations are decided upon by a special jury – handpicked by the music platform Chase.

Finally, we are introducing a brand new award: the Belgium: The Vinyl Frontier Award. The award will honor the year’s best vinyl artwork – across all genres.

All of the above awards are determined by public vote and by the members of the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards Academy.

The 2016 Red Bull Elektropedia Awards cover everything that happened (or was released) between October 1, 2015 and September 30, 2016.

Every year, an unspecified number of Red Bull Elektropedia Vanguard Awards and/or Belgium: The Vinyl Frontier Lifetime Achievement Awards are presented to individuals in recognition of their significant contribution to the Belgian electronic music or club scene and to musicians who have sold a considerable amount of black gold. The recipients are decided upon by Red Bull Elektropedia.

Past Red Bull Elektropedia Vanguard Awards winners include Rudy Victor Ackaert (Teknoville, 10 Days Off, Culture Club); Arbeid Adelt; Philip De Liser (10 Days Off); Carl de Moncharline (Who’s Who’s Land, The Wood); Peter Decuypere (Fifty-Five, Fuse, I Love Techno); Geert Deblaere, Hessel Tieter, Lieven Van den Broeck & Jan Vanneste (N.E.W.S); CJ Bolland; Stephen & David Dewaele (Soulwax, 2ManyDJs); Bernard Dobbeleer (Radio 21); Maurice Engelen (Antler-Subway, Lords of Acid, Praga Khan); Fly & Marnik Braeckevelt (Bonzai); Front 242; Herman Gillis (Sherman Filterbank); Mathias Kerckhof & Leo Bruynoghe (Kozzmozz); Marc Meulemans; Mo & Benoelie (The Glimmers); José Pascual & Frie Verhelst (USA Import); Eric Rozen (Out Soon); Yves Smolders (Versuz), Eric Smout (10 Days Off); Telex; The Neon Judgement; Stefaan Vandenberghe (T-Quest, Dr. Lektroluv, N.E.W.S.); Jan Van Biesen (Studio Brussel); and Renaat Vandepapeliere & Sabine Maes (R&S).

A category rundown:

  • BEST SONG: A song is eligible in this category if it’s an itty-bitty electronic and one of the composers is Belgian (even if the other twenty composers are Vietnamese).
  • BEST REMIX: It’s about the remix, stupid – not about the original song. So when a song is written by a French artist but the remix is produced by a Belgian artist, that remix is eligible for this category. A song by a Belgian artist remixed by an American artist is not eligible.
  • BEST ALBUM: Any Belgian release that contains a minimum of five new songs (excluding remixes) is eligible for this category, regardless of whether it’s officially called an album, EP or compilation.
  • ARTIST OF THE YEAR: Any Belgian musician, producer or band that has made at least one song, remix or album, or has played his/its own material live once, is eligible for this category. There is, however, no long list to choose from for this category. Nominations will be based on the nominations in the other categories.
  • BEST PRODUCER: Anyone who has produced at least one song or remix is eligible for this category. This category is not open to bands, unless all members are credited as the producer of a certain song or remix.
  • BEST MC: Anyone who has graced parties with his/her voice, in any capacity, over the course of the past twelve months is eligible for this category.
  • BREAKTHROUGH (ARTIST/PRODUCER/DJ/MC): Any artist, producer, DJ or MC who has seen his/her reputation grow significantly over the course of the past twelve months and has not been nominated in any other category in the past, is eligible for this category.
  • MOST PROMISING ARTIST: Every year, the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards Academy Board selects one to three upcoming artists who they believe to be on the verge of a breakthrough.
  • BEST LIVE ACT: Anyone who has played live at a noteworthy venue is eligible for this category. The Red Bull Elektropedia Awards Academy Board decides on the noteworthiness of parties.
  • BEST FESTIVAL: Any (partly) electronic music event spread over at least two days or at least three stages can be considered a festival.
  • BEST PARTY: Any (partly) electronic music event that took place at least once over the course of the past twelve months.
  • BREAKTHROUGH (PARTY/FESTIVAL/CLUB): Any (partly) electronic music festival, party or club that has seen its reputation grow significantly over the course of the past twelve months and has not been nominated in any other category in the past, is eligible for this category.
  • BEST MEDIA: Any TV show, TV station, newspaper, magazine, website, blog, etc. partly dedicated to nightlife and/or electronic music is eligible for this category.
  • BEST RADIO: Any radio show, radio station or podcast partly dedicated to nightlife and/or electronic music is eligible for this category.
  • BEST LABEL: For a label to be eligible, it must be owned by a Belgian party and must have released at least one track by a Belgian producer or artist over the course of the past twelve months.
  • BEST VIDEO: Any video produced for a Belgian artist, DJ, club, party or festival is eligible for this category.
  • BEST PARTY PHOTOGRAPHER: Any Belgian photographer who has taken photographs, in a professional manner, at a noteworthy party over the course of the past twelve months, is eligible for this category. The Red Bull Elektropedia Awards Academy Board decides on the noteworthiness of parties.
  • MARC MEULEMANS AWARD: This category awards the best in graphic design, related to nightlife or an electronic music release (artwork, flyers, T-shirts, etcetera).
  • CHASE AWARD: This category awards the best in hip hop, soul & RnB.
  • BELGIUM: THE VINYL FRONTIER AWARD: In recognition of the best artwork of any vinyl release – across all genres.
  • BELGIAN DJ TOP 100: Anyone who has spun records (or MP3s) at a noteworthy party is eligible for this category. The Red Bull Elektropedia Awards Academy Board decides on the noteworthiness of parties.
  • BELGIAN CLUB TOP 30: Any (partly) electronic music venue, which has been open four consecutive weeks over the course of the past twelve months, can be considered a club.

The nomination process

Every year, Red Bull Elektropedia handpicks a jury of – give or take – one hundred industry professionals. They are called the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards Academy (RBEAA). About ten members of the RBEAA are subsequently appointed to the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards Academy Board (RBEAAB).

Membership of the RBEAA and RBEAAB is limited to three consecutive years.

  • STEP 1: On October 7, 2016, Belgian labels, clubs, producers, DJs, etcetera are sent an exhaustive list of songs, albums, remixes, parties, festivals, … which were released or took place between October 1, 2015 and September 30, 2016. Everyone is given ample time to add names/titles to the list.
  • STEP 2: On October 20, 2016, all members of the RBEAA will be asked to nominate three names/titles in at least eight categories. Single votes will not be registered – three nominations are required, in no particular order. Votes of members who fail to meet the minimum number of categories will be annulled.
  • STEP 3: On October 28, 2016, the votes of the RBEAA will result in a top twenty per category. The first seven names/titles will automatically be nominated. To safeguard both quality and diversity, members of the RBEAAB will subsequently be given the task to settle on the remaining three nominations in each category. They will be presented with the full top twenty, from which they get to choose three additional names/titles during a debate.
  • STEP 4: From November 2 until November 9, 2016, everyone – including you – will be able to vote for his or her two favorites in as many categories as he or she likes. We feel that asking people to pick two winners will make for a more balanced result. The public vote will account for 50% of the final result. The other 50% are votes from the RBEAA, who will be asked to choose two favorites in at least nine categories.
  • On November 16, 2016, the winners in each category – numbers one, two and three – will be announced during a ceremony at Flagey in Brussels.

Academy members

  • Alsteen Nicolas (Moustique)
  • Andreas Dimitri
  • Attia Yann (Haring)
  • Barbé Steven (Survivor)
  • Beydts Didier (Coincidence)
  • Biron Olivier (22tracks)
  • Blaute Jens (James Marvel)
  • Bomans Simon (Goûte Mes Disques)
  • Braconnier Bastien (Le Cadran)
  • Brion Dominique (Private Sessions) *
  • Buelens Yannick (Aftrwhat)
  • Callens Steven (Butterfly Beats)
  • Carpentier Luc (Laundry Day)
  • Chatar Faisal (Faisal)
  • Claes Kristof (Goldfox)
  • Claeys Dries (Cirque Magique)
  • Claus Michiel (Walrus)
  • Coeman Matthijs (Criss Cross Collective)
  • D'hont Stijn (Neon)
  • DaCosta Massimo (Raw District)
  • Damien Pascucci (M&T)
  • De Baene Flor (Sondag)
  • De Brabandere Antoine (Club Vaag)
  • De Coninck Youri (FloorFiller)
  • De Decker Gilles (Paradise City)
  • De Mûelenare Pierre (Bozar Electronics)
  • De Nys Ellen (Moodfamily) *
  • De Wind Tatiana (Moonlight) *
  • De Witte Charlotte (Charlotte de Witte)
  • Delodder Jeroen (Playground)
  • Deloose Brice (FTRSND)
  • Dorren Ruben (Future House Records)
  • Eetesonne Jarne (Crown Collective)
  • Fonsny Mathieu (Forma.T)
  • Franssens Jeroen (Tomorrowland) *
  • Galle Koen (Kong)
  • Geerinck Dieter (Bredren)
  • Gobbe Jean-Christophe (Rockerill)
  • Goffings Jeffrey (Crossing Borders)
  • Goossens Pascal (L'Alhambra)
  • Goossens Robin (Kemizz)
  • Gorez David (Labyrinth Club)
  • Hoebrechts Laurent (Le Vif)
  • Huy Pieter (Pete Howl)
  • Janssen Eppo (Pukkelpop)
  • Jonckheer Joris (Studio Brussel)
  • Josse Pierre (Juke Ellington)
  • Kidula Guillaume (Schiev) *
  • Konings Maks (Turnlab)
  • Laval Simon (t-heater) *
  • Leclercq Julian (Play Label)
  • Lemaire Jeff (Goûte Mes Disques) *
  • Lennert Luypaert (Feestgedruis)
  • Lens Amelie (Amelie Lens)
  • Lewis Nicholas (The Word) *
  • Ligny Fabrice (Fabrice Lig)
  • Lion Jonas (Jonas Lion)
  • Loncke Simon (Fuzz)
  • Luyckx Victor (KERK)
  • Massignani Yves (Hush Hefner) *
  • Mathijs Kim (Michael Midnight)
  • Maxime Vercruyssen (Max Le Daron)
  • Meeus Dorian (Under My Label)
  • Merckpoel Lander (Lokerse Feesten)
  • Meuris Koen (MC Mota)
  • Moens Ben (Nijdrop)
  • Moerman Bert (Trix)
  • Moureau Raïsa (What Happens)
  • Ouni Elisabeth (A Polaroid Story)
  • Paneels David (Dave Lux)
  • Peetermans Jeroen (Fuzz)
  • Peiffer Henri (Henri PFR)
  • Pevée Pierre (Leftorium)
  • Psar Jay (Jay Psar)
  • Reumont Jean-Yves (Les Ardentes)
  • Salas Diego Cortez (DC Salas)
  • Samson Rien (Soul Shakers)
  • Saraiva Jean-Baptiste (Slash9)
  • Shah Nadiem (Eskimo Recordings)
  • Sourbron Mathias (Solco)
  • Steenhaut Martijn (Club Soda Festival)
  • Steveninck Quincy (Age of Love)
  • Thijs Wim (Horst)
  • Thomas Pim (Crevette Records)
  • Thys Jules (Jewels)
  • Tyler Jon (Bloody Louis)
  • Vaes Joris (Tangram Records)
  • Van Alboom Ben (RBE) *
  • Van Assche Gunter (De Morgen)
  • Van Audenaarde Eline (The Unicorn Mothership)
  • Van Belle Steven (Ohm)
  • Van der Haegen Jarri (Disco Naïveté)
  • Van der Speeten Sasha (Bruzz) *
  • Van Hecke Sil (Diep)
  • Van Wouwe Britt (Café d’Anvers)
  • Vandesande Willem (All Eyes On Hip Hop)
  • Vanhaecke Tim (Chase)
  • Verhoeven Mike (DJ Mag)
  • Vermiglio Chris (Mr Magnetik)
  • Vicente Igor (Igor Vicente)
  • Wessaert Nick (Cargo)

* Member of the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards Academy board.

Best video jury

  • Hoebrechts Laurent
  • Lewis Nicholas
  • Teirlinck Nathalie
  • Van Alboom Ben
  • Van Extergem Dirk

Best party photographer jury

  • Boes Jef
  • Buyckx Frederik
  • Gasparotto Lara
  • Korver Edwin
  • Roelens Dries
  • Shug Sarah

Marc Meulemans Award jury

  • De Kegel Pieter
  • Durt Elzo
  • Goethals Valentijn
  • Maelfeyt Jurgen
  • Specht Stephanie
  • Wynants Pieter

Belgium: The Vinyl Frontier jury

  • Dries Bert
  • Kidula Guillaume
  • Raeman Herlinde
  • Sweertvaegher Thomas
  • Van den Abeele Alice
  • Weyns Francis

Chase jury

  • Ben van Alboom (Red Bull Elektropedia Awards, Chef cultuur De morgen)
  • Tim Vanhaecke - Azer (Chase, All Eyes On Hip Hop, 22Tracks)
  • Mitchell Galle (Chase, Vlaams Hip Hop Talent, Brix 'n Beats Ink.)
  • Levi Taelman (Chase)
  • Florian Van De Voorde (Chase)
  • Pieterjan Rasschaert (Chase)
  • Willem Vandesande (All Eyes On Hip Hop, 22Tracks, Greenhouse Talent)
  • Tristan Lagae (VK concerts)
  • Stefaan Kaberuka (Frontal Radio, Chase)
  • Olaf Raman - Proceed (End of the weak, Frontal, Crapulax)
  • Benjamin Beutels (Faded, Rockoco)
  • Ufuk Demir (Champion Sound, 22Tracks)
  • Barry Maertens (De Hossel, HardHorig)
  • Elisabeth Ouni (A Polaroid Story)
  • Khalid Errami (Bruzz, Bumrush, Fullmixx Cracksoul)
  • Alex Stevens (Dour Festival)
  • Cris Prolific (Da Bluefunk District)
  • Philippe Coicou - Kwak (Bruzz, Strictly Niceness)
  • Stéphane Lallemand - Lefto (Studio Brussel)
  • Fatou Sow - Fatoo San (SupAfly Collective, Bruzz)
  • Jean-Yves Ruemont (Les Ardentes)
  • Mathias Chaboteaux (Beatchronic)
  • Mathieu Fonsny (Dour Festival)
  • Samy Wallens (Niveau 4, Couleur Café)